Temple Prayer Class

Deepen your walk with Jesus in Temple Prayer Class

We can’t say enough about Temple Prayer Class.

We are excited to share what God has taught us over the years about his original Temple worship pattern.

Marie and I have been Christians for a very long time. And we would love to share with you what revolutionized our prayer lives years ago and over the years has transformed our marriage and family.

We believe that you will receive many benefits from learning Temple Prayer. It’s also called Tabernacle Prayer. It has deepened our intimacy with Jesus. We have seen God do amazing miracles in our family. Our understanding of the bible has increased tremendously and we have found that Temple Prayer is a way that Holy Spirit unlocks our hearts and heals us in ways we never thought possible.

It’s incredible! And we want to teach you all about it in this Temple Prayer video class. If you genuinely want to deepen your relationship with Jesus, you don’t want to miss this!