Tabernacle Prayer Guide (Interactive)


Click here to launch the tabernacle interactive prayer guide

OK were are trying something new here.  Using the interactive tabernacle prayer guide at the link below, you can pray through the whole Tabernacle Prayer by clicking on the Key Words for each station or the picture of the station.  There are many Scriptures built into this interactive tabernacle prayer guide.  Just pray those outloud and then pray what you feel the Spirit leading you to pray.  When finished with that section, just click on the next KeyWord or image to move on.  You can also turn prayer music “on or off”  by clicking those words.  Let me know how this works for you.  It’s a flash animation so it may not play on some devices but should work on most computers.  If you need to make the prayer guide bigger for any reason, you can try clicking “Crtl & +” on the PC and probably “CMD & +” on the Mac to enlarge the page.

You can go directly to the Interactive Tabernacle Prayer Guide HTML page by CLICKING HERE