The Jewish culture has always centered on temple worship. It is we gentiles who are ignorant of it. Yet we know from Ephesians that Jesus died to make one new man out of the two. (Jew and Gentile) In our ignorance we have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Our modern form of worship pales in comparison to simply following the pattern established by God in temple worship. That does not mean we sacrifice animals. It means we honor the process of worshipping Christ according to the same pattern he himself fulfilled according to Hebrews.

Eastern Gate – Jesus Christ the only way,

Brazen Altar – Jesus Christ our Savior,

Laver – Jesus Christ our Lord (reflect on the Ten Commandments).

The Candlestick – The Holy Spirit, Jesus the Light of the World.

Table of Showbred – Jesus the Word and the Bread of Life.

Altar of Incense – Worship the Father in Spirit and Truth.

The Veil – Jesus body was broken for us.


Holy of Holies – Intimacy with the Father through Jesus the Ark of the Covenant.

If a new pattern of worship was established when Jesus died on the cross then surely Jesus would have made it known. Instead he honored the old ways. He taught in the Temple. He did come down on the religious leaders for turning sacred worship into religion. And He did drive out the money changers from the Temple, saying, “my Father’s house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.”. He honored and was jealous over the temple because he viewed it as symbolic for the real temple in heaven, and the pattern of worship which was symbolized by the Jewish customs was symbolic of the requirements for anyone to access God the Father.