Excellent Downloads for Tabernacle Prayer

Over the last 10 years, we have developed several tools that will help you get the most out of  Tabernacle Prayer.   Many have requested the video transcript.  

Now the Video Transcript can be downloaded for free. Just Click HERE

You can also purchase the the full-length  Dr. Cho teaching VIDEO as well as printed resources to share with your friends or prayer group.  All these exceptional tools can be purchased and downloaded for one price — $11.95  

Just Click HERE for more information about the downloadable video and resources and to make your PayPal or credit card purchase.

Video Resources Include:

The complete Dr. Cho Teaching video so you can use it as you wish to help people learn the Tabernacle Prayer.   The video will play on a PC or a Mac.

Printable Resources include:

1)  Temple of Grace Prayer Guide is a powerful way to see the connection between Jesus and the Tabernacle.

2)  A complete written transcript of Dr. Cho’s Video

3)  An Illustration of the Tabernacle with Key Words at Each Station. The PDF links below are printable docs that will guide you through actually praying the Temple Prayer.

4)  An awesome PowerPoint presentation for group teaching and more revelation about TP.

5)  Tabernacle Prayer Declarations to assist you in praying out loud in your prayer closet or with your spouse or prayer partner.

6)  An extensive list of Tabernacle Prayer Scriptures that support many of the key ideas at each station.

All these exceptional tools can be purchased and downloaded for one price — $11.95   Just click the purple button below.

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 Once you pay, you should be directed to a page that has all the download links .  So you should be able to download the video and other resources just a few minutes from now.  You have 60 days to access your downloads after you pay. But you may keep the downloads on your computer as long as you want them. Email me with any issues and I’ll take care of you.  dp-email-address