As Christians, We Thought We Had Our Act Together, Then We Discovered Temple Prayer

We were a normal Christian family that read our Bibles and attended church… but we rarely experienced the Presence of God.  Then we learned about Temple Prayer.

Temple Prayer teaches you an AMAZING and very BIBLICAL way of worshiping God during your  time with the Lord.  Temple prayer is based on the tabernacle pattern in the Bible.  There are literally thousands of passages in the Bible about God’s Tabernacle and Temple.  The beauty of the tabernacle pattern for us today is how it UNLOCKS OUR HEARTS toward Jesus, our heavenly Father, and Holy Spirit in ways that are unlike anything we have ever experienced!

Paul tells us in 1Corinthians that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.  Peter tells us in 1Peter that we are members of a Royal Priesthood. 

When we learned TEMPLE PRAYER it transformed our family life as we experienced God’s presence in ways we never had before.   Derek & Marie Packard

“Hello we are Derek & Marie Packard and we have been praying the Temple Prayer for many years now.  The impact on our marriage and family has been tremendous.  Read our testimony HERE.  Or WATCH a video of our Story.

Temple Prayer illustrates a worship pattern God created in heaven and then He gave it to Moses, as well as to King David.  The tabernacle and Temples in the Bible are the center of Israel’s worship throughout the Scripture.  The prophets Ezekiel, Isaiah, Haggai, as well as the Apostles Paul, Peter, and John all grew up with it and talk about it extensively.  Jesus himself was very passionate about worship in Herod’s Temple and became the High Priest of temple worship in Heaven!  Temple prayer illustrates worship that all followers of Jesus the Messiah should understand and experience for themselves.  

We know the Temple pattern of worship is eternal because it originated in heaven where we find words such as: throne room, lamb, lampstand, altar of incense, ark of the covenant, river, and gate.   Temple worship will always be going on in heaven according to the Book of Revelation.  One day the Temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem and King Jesus will rule and reign from there during His Millennial reign on earth. 

Unfortunately we have missed the significance of this heavenly worship pattern in the modern church.  Or perhaps it’s been veiled for 2,000+ years for a reason?  

The good news is today you can understand and take to heart the Gospel in a much deeper way by learning and experiencing the Temple Prayer.  If you learn how to worship God according to the Temple pattern you will experience God’s presence and a deeper relationship with Jesus.   Temple Prayer will unlock your heart toward the Lord in a different way than what happens in today’s modern church services.

We teach Temple Prayer as a 10 step process because there are literally 10 parts to this form of worship and there is a distinct order to it.  You will see the pattern is directly from the Bible and references to it appear in thousands of passages once you know what to look for and understand the pattern.

A consistent violation of temple worship is the one thing that caused Jesus to make a whip and drive the merchants and hundreds of people out of Herod’s Temple in John chapter 2.  We hope you will take some time to understand why Jesus was so passionate about temple worship being done in a way that honors Father God.

Welcome to the Temple Prayer.



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