Through this website, we hope to help other Christians experience the presence of Jesus Christ by learning His original pattern of worship.

Praying or worshipping in a temple is most likely a brand-new concept to you even if you’ve been a Christian for many years.  You probably are like us many years ago.   We knew nothing of the central role the temple plays in the Bible as the place where worship was ordained by God to happen for Israel.  We didn’t know that Jesus powerfully defended His Father’s house (Herod’s Temple) in John chapter 2.   We were not aware that the Apostle Paul said our bodies were temples of the Holy Spirit.  We were not really clear on what it meant when Peter told us we are members of a royal priesthood.

Future Temples

We had not been taught that many of the prophets in the Bible speak of future Temples to be built in Jerusalem and that the Lord Jesus himself will rule and reign in a Millenial Temple for 1,000 years when he returns.

Did you know that John witnessed, in the Book of Revelation, the heavenly temple that even has the original Ark of the Covenant in it?

Temple in Heaven

We have now learned that God’s original temple is in heaven and that Jesus himself is the High Priest in that Heavenly Temple.  It was God who gave Moses the original pattern for worship for the Tabernacle in the Wilderness and the LORD gave King David the original plans for what become Soloman’s Temple in Jerusalem.   This pattern of worship is a powerful way to worship God.

What does temple prayer mean for Christians today?

Well, it means that Temples are central to worship in the Bible.  In fact, there are literally thousands of verses and passages in the Bible about Temple worship. From studying those passages it became clear that the primary place in Heaven and on earth where worship happens is in a temple designed by God himself.

Since our bodies are temples and we are priests in our temples, does it make sense that we should learn something about how God explicitly defined how worship is supposed to happen in His Temples?  Could it give us insights into how we are to worship God today?

Well, that is what our temple prayer website is all about.