I started praying the Tabernacle or Temple Prayer in 2002.  After 10 years of blessing, I can say without hesitation, that this Tabernacle Prayer is the best discipleship method I’ve ever seen.  By praying the way Pastor Cho teaches, the Holy Spirit has ministered to me in very powerful ways and it has happened consistently for years.  And it’s not just me, my wife saw the change in me, and she started praying it with a similar effect.  Then my teenage daughters caught onto it.  Tabernacle Prayer has grounded us in God’s Word as a family in a way nothing else could….through prayer.   We have seen miracles.  We have grown deeply in our love for Jesus Christ and our desire to keep him first and foremost in the center of our lives.   We highly recommend that every Christian incorporate Tabernacle prayer into their devotional lives.  You can read more about our family testimony here.