Dr. David Yonggi Cho Book Store

Dr. David Yonggi ChoI’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of Dr. Cho’s best books.  It’s important to remember something about Dr. Cho.   What the Lord has done through Dr. Cho and his ministry is on a magnitude of historic proportions.   Yet I’m here in the United States and many pastors have not heard of him.   And the vast majority of Christians still don’t know who Dr. Cho is.  While hundreds of thousands of Christian leaders in other countries  have grown up under Dr. Cho’s ministry principles, only a small percentage in the U.S.  are aware of them.   This is sad because the church in America really needs revival.   Dr. Cho and many of his churches have grown up in revival.   Why not buy one of his books and learn more about how this man of God approaches the Christian life.   The Bible says “you will know them by their fruit”.   No other pastor that I know of has seen this amount of fruit in his own lifetime.