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1. Enter the Temple through the Eastern Gate 2. Brazen Altar - Receive the Benefits of the Blood 3. Gain a Clear Conscience at the Laver 4. Welcome the Holy Spirit at the Candlestick 5. Meditate on the Word at the Table of Shewbread 6. Lift up Holy Hands in Praise at the Altar of Incense 7. Experience your Heavenly Father in the Holy of Holies Most Christians Spend Their Lives Only in the Outer Court This is a bird's eye view of the Tabernacle.  God told Moses to build it so He could come live with His people.  Roll over each item to learn more.

Who We Are

We are a group of friends and families who share a call to pray together in Colorado Springs, Colorado.    The name of the group is "the Life Giving House of Prayer." The Temple Prayer model , developed by Dr. Cho of South Korea. You can learn this prayer method directly from the pastor of the largest church in the world. click here to find out more. Praying the Temple Prayer has been a tremendous blessing to many of us who prayed at the World Prayer Center for many years. We are a testimony to the profound transformation that occurs when sons and daughters approach their Father in Heaven according to the "sacred ways" of "His House".

The Purpose of this Website

We seek to pass on a blessing.  Through this website we hope to encourage you in your own prayer life and stimulate you to try the Tabernacle Prayer model for yourself.  Many people that pray the Temple prayer report significant spiritual growth, a deeper understanding and greater appetite for Scripture, victory over worldly habits, a marked increase in faith, and more tangible blessings in their lives.  It has been true for us, so much so, that we want to make sure people have the chance to experience this outside our group.

Contact Information

Contact us with your questions about the Temple Prayer or this website:

Electronic mail
General Information: derekpackard@gmail.com


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